Monday, April 30, 2012

Creative ID part 2- Charlie and the chocolate Temple

Hi  every one, this is one of my keyframes for my take on Roal Dhal´s book " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Since the mayans were the first civilization who  ate chocolate, I decided to set my story in that era. This Keyframe is when finally Wonka, who is the god of chocolate, gives charlie his magic stick and becomes the owner of his Factory-Temple
More to come!


  1. Asi k esto es lo k haces eh?? que calladito t lo teniass jajajaja!!!! nen es super xulooo!!!! :) y m alegra un monton ver que no tienes mezclas raras d resident evil y alien jajajajajaja!!
    Nos vemoss!!! :D


    1. Gracias Katia!! me alegro mucho que te guste :)
      haha no todos los de enterteinment somos tan malos :d