Friday, April 5, 2013

The ghost with the most, Babe.


This time I am bringing a personal story I have been working on. There is a lot to add and fix still, but I think is about time to show what I have and let my soul  move on a little bit :).

Me and my ghostly family (for a lack of a better title...)
What is it about? well, I will briefly say that is about an orphan girl, named Levi,   who is adopted and rised by the ghostly members of a haunted house,thanks to her gift: she can see them.
However every thing is not going to be happiness and joy, mostly because The Ripper has to do his job and take rebel souls to the afterlife, and it happens that her "adoptive family " is a very rebel one.

So, here is the main cast!

Levi will be taken care of mostly by Billy, an old west gambler, and Victor, a vaudeville  impressionist.

I will be keeping updating this post as the cast  expands and more development comes around.
Thank you for looking!